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You may be surprised to hear us say this but in our opinion a Voiptel Phone System is not for every business. A Voiptel Phone ... Learn More
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There are cost benefits associated with installing a Voiptel System. 1.You can cut line rental charges,typically by 40% or more. 2. You will make savings on phone ... Learn More
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80% to 90% of companies will successfully install a Cloud Phone System as an instant plug and play solution while some companies will have to ... Learn More
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We have been installing Voip Phone Systems for almost 10 years. As our system are Cloud Based. Our Engineers are at the Core of the Technology ... Learn More
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Authorised by Comreg Since 2007    1890 929 925


In a nutshell Install a Voiptel Phone System and we become your complete telecoms service provider known as VaaS (Voice as a Service)
you will have a host of business communication features at your fingertips,with live support and unlimited call usage, all for a lot less than you are currently paying
The System A Voiptel System is hosted in a data centre so you do not have onsite equipment to purchase or maintain (other than handsets)
Calls Unlimited Calls Local, National, International, Landline &Mobile FUP applies Premium numbers and some destinations excluded
Features With a Voiptel Phone System you can select from the full list of features at no extra cost with some custom features available for a little extra.
Voip Phones We supply Yealink T46 @228.00 T48 @288.00 and W60p :@145.00 all plus vat
LAN Your Voiptel Phone System will work over your LAN and connect out over your broadband connection, A few simple considerations,what condition is our LAN in? do we have enough ethernet connections for the new phones
Porting all handled by Voiptel
Support with our system we can support your phones remotely resulting in almost instant response times to any issues you may have.
Special Requests we can handle any special requests that you may have for your business communications

From €45 per month 


Included features
Custom Features
Unlimited calls Unlimited Calls Local, National, International, Landline &Mobile FUP applies Premium numbers and some destinations excluded

From €45 per month 

  Is it for You    

Ideal for the following types of businesses Solicitors, Insurance brokers(GDPR Call-recording), Auctioneers(Real-Estate), Accountants, Software Companies, Startups, Manufacturing, Export, Multi-location business in Ireland and multi-national multi-location business.
5 Reasons to choose Voiptel 1. Established Voip Telecom Operator since 2007
2. Authorised by Comreg under EU License
3. Tried and Tested Reliable System
4. A History of Happy Customers
5. Market leading on price, features & support
 The End of ISDN is Nigh
Systems from  €45.00 p/m  

From €45 per month 

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