What does Voip Technologies do to make the world a better place
Not much to be honest, So what do we do I hear you ask? its simple, we stick to our mission statement, " try and make as much money as possible as Cloud Telecom experts and spend it on the good things in life" How do we do this? Again simple, we set out everyday to be the best Cloud Telecom Operators, best at developing, selling and supporting Softswitch Solutions to emerging and mature markets,with upfront or shared revenue payments Established in 2007 we have an available team of the worlds most experienced Voip Engineers operating at the highest level for over ten years,this team provides rapid response cover for all time zones and is multilingual,fluent in English,Spanish,Dutch, and Chinese. Where will you find us? Our Head office is in Little Island Cork Ireland. We have Satelite offices in Madrid Spain and Bogota Colombia. And we do the same again tomorrow. Although, when you think of it, we make the end users world a bit better as we seriously increase the call quality in their lives and we make our clients world a bit better as we increase their revenues, but obviously not before we increase our own first. So maybe we are not so "Wolf of Wall Street -ish" after all,and we have got a place in the world.

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