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Urban Fibre
There is a small but elite cache of people for whom the standard broadband offered by those "Red Top" telecom guys ... Learn More
Would you like a phone with that
We supply the Yealink W56P for home use and they are not cheap at 145.00euro plus p&p however they are a great phone,see This ... Learn More
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Pre Sales Questions
Are you switching your existing service to Bolt, then you need to check your contract, we can check availability BUT we can not confirm you service ... Learn More
Whats da code to your WIFI again
All your kids friends will love you because your WIFI will be good and strong. Some smart TV's can be a bit awkward as they ... Learn More
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Fibre Broadband

€ 145 install
€ 55 per month
Unlimited Usage

 Voip Phone


€ 145 install
€ 55 per month
Unlimited Usage

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